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In the relief highlights the presence of the mountains, the hilly landscape reaches its peak in the Snowy high (1556 m) and Fontefría (1559 m) located in the heart of the peaks of the Serra Geres-Xurés. A succession of mountain ranges such as the Xurés Sierra, Sierra do Quinxo, Santa Eufemia, Pisco, Leboreiro, Mourela Peneda, Soajo, Amarela or Penalty Sierra peaks whose fall many young rivers that drain into the river broth and Salas, Limia river tributaries, which in his travels form a spectacular landscape. The deep valleys cut down the mountain until about three hundred fifty meters to the bed leading embedded abundant water and steep slopes such as river Limia.

In general, the drainage network is young and wedged in narrow valleys and deep almost rectilinear trajectories describing, except in areas with high erosive power header, although the catchments are too small to be compartmentalized. The main rivers that run through the Biosphere Reserve are: Limia, Salas y Castro Laboreiro broth, Time, and Cávado.cia Homen geographical or community boundary.