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The Gerês - Xurés Biosphere Reserve chooses its positions in Portugal

Thursday, 10 March, 2011

The General Director of Conservation of Nature of the Department of Rural Affairs, Ricardo García-Borregón, is since yesterday the president of the Gerês-Xurés Cross-Border Biosphere Reserve, elected yesterday in Portugal. At the same meeting it was agreed that the director of the Baixa Limia Serra del Xurés Natural Park, Tomás Merino, will take over the secretariat and the president of the Portuguese Institute of Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity vice-president.

Action plan.

In the Portuguese town of Caldas de Gerês, the Transboundary Management Committee, the Wool Cooperation Board, was also set up yesterday and the Biosphere Reserve Action Plan was also presented, a document explains, sources from the Consellería de Rural environment, drawn up between representatives of the two countries involved.

The Commission of Cross-Border Management will coordinate all the parties involved in the Reserve, guaranteeing its protection, good management and control, will also approve the activity plans and will direct the presentation of candidatures to different regional and international programs.

The Xunta de Cooperación for its part will develop joint programs for visitors and will assume the policy of publications in the information centers of the Transborder Park. A website will also promote the natural values ​​of Gerês - Xurés.