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Mayors of Celanova and Baixa Limia negotiate to create a tourist consortium

Thursday, 26 July, 2012

After the summer holidays, the mayors of the districts of Terras de Celanova and Baixa Limia intend to close negotiations for the creation of a tourism consortium to attract European funds and invest them in the promotion and improvement of the sector's infrastructures. southern area of ​​the province. The project is being coordinated by the mayor of Muíños, Plácido Álvarez, representing the Baixa Limia, and Celanova, Antonio Mouriño.

The first of them ensures that only in this way will it be possible to implement effective measures that facilitate a positive development of tourism. "We have to leave localisms and start working with a regional vocation," says Álvarez, who hopes that all the councils of the area will be involved in the consortium beyond political colors.

In fact, joint initiatives have been launched successfully in both Baixa Limia and Celanova. In the first case, the town councils of the area already live in projects related to the Xurés natural park and have managed, for example, to raise European funds to create visitor reception centers in six municipalities. On the other hand, the association of Celanova works for years and is one of the county entities with more activity. The municipalities share, among other things, their social services, employment technicians and even an occupational center.

These experiences should serve as an example for the start-up of the new tourism consortium promoted by the mayor of Muíños and Celanova. In the same way that it was done with committed interpretation centers, this new entity would have as its main objective the collection of European funds to launch projects to promote the area as well as improvement in tourism infrastructure.

This sector is seen as an opportunity for economic development for a rural area that suffers especially from the aging of the population. The natural park of Xurés and the next opening of the highway between Ourense and Celanova are two hopes for the future of its municipalities.

«We have to leave localisms and start working with a regional vocation» Plácido Álvarez