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The Natural Park of Xurés will obtain aids worth one million euros

Saturday, 24 November, 2018

The Minister of Rural Affairs, Samuel Juárez, yesterday announced the management of 108 sustainable development grants (worth more than two million euros) in natural parks. Of the total concessions, most (57) will be destined to the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park.

In quantitative terms, the subsidy is approximately 1.1 million euros, and represents more than 50% of the total that goes to the 108 initiatives.

Samuel Juárez, accompanied by the territorial delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in Ourense, Rogelio Martínez; the territorial head of Rural Environment, Ricardo Vecillas; and the general director of Conservation of Nature, Ricardo García-Borregón, visited the Serra do Xurés Natural Park to publicize the processing of these aids. The meeting took place in the ruins of the Thermal Roman Villa called "Baños do río Caldo".

Economic and social profit & nbsp; Juarez wanted to emphasize that this boost will mean an "economic and social benefit for the natural park". This implies, in turn, "valorisation actions" so that the environment of Serra do Xurés is more visited. Similarly, the Regional Minister stressed that "the action of man is fundamental in natural parks" given that it is inhabited, which is a European characteristic that contrasts with the situation in America, where "natural parks are, in In most cases, virgin territories ".

The promoters of the 108 grants are individuals, neighborhood communities, associations, companies or municipalities located in natural parks of Galicia or in their areas of influence. & nbsp; All of them are processed by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation, under the Ministry of Rural Affairs, and were convened in June 2010.

Fundamental objective The main purpose is to promote actions such as the improvement of the agrarian landscape; the cleaning and restoration of roads; the signaling; the creation and improvement of infrastructures for public use and reception of visitors; the preservation of riparian habitats and vegetation; the conservation of protected populations; the fight against erosion, or the actions and activities of environmental education. & nbsp; By town councils, the beneficiaries of the subsidy are the six that are part of the natural park: Bande, Calvos de Randín, Entrimo, Lobeira, Lobios and Muíños.

Regarding the fires suffered by the province and the capital of Ourense in recent weeks, Juarez said that "Galicia is well distributed in terms of surveillance, so it trusts that the police will find the culprits of this criminal activity. " On the other hand, regarding the state of the As Conchas reservoir in the Baixa Limia, the Regional Minister showed his support to the Hydrographic Confederation, which is in charge of managing this infrastructure.