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The Xunta invests 600,000 euros in the preservation of Xurés

Saturday, 11 August, 2012

The Regional Minister for the Environment, Territory and Infrastructure, Agustín Hernández, announced yesterday that the Xunta will invest 600,000 euros in a series of actions aimed at combating uncontrolled spill points and fires. Hernández explained that the palliative actions that will be carried out to minimize the two serious problems of Xurés are in the contracting phase and that they will involve an investment of 450,000 euros. They will be based on the restoration of landfill sites in the Gerês? Xurés cross-border biosphere reserve and the forest cover in the neighboring mountains in the common hand of Montegrande, Couto de Maús, Salgueiro and Senderiz. Silvicultural treatments will also be applied to forest stands of the transboundary biosphere reserve. As for the existence of uncontrolled landfills in the area, Agustín Hernández stressed that there are several detected and that correspond to remains of works and different materials. Situation that he criticized and said due to the ease of hiding this type of waste in places that are not well traveled and the distance that has to be traveled to deposit them in the clean points that exist in the region.

The preventive actions, on the other hand, will consist in the improvement of access roads to facilitate the displacement, both of the neighbors and of the services of extinction and emergencies. Some works that will have an investment of 200,000 euros and that are completed with the collaboration of the personnel of the Department of Environment in the tasks of monitoring the mountains.

During his visit to the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park, the Minister for the Environment said that these measures will serve to improve and conserve the Baixa Limia-Serra do Xurés Natural Park, "which is one of the two most important in Galicia, for several reasons: it is the first transfrontier park designated as Europarc Gêres-Xurés pola International Federation of Parks Naturais e Nacionais; dunha has a unique climatoloxía that constitutes an exclusive bioxeographic sector: o xuresianoe ». He also added that it has several integral reserves that cover areas of great natural value, especially from the botanical and faunal point of view.

During his visit to Baixa Limia Hernández he traveled to Salgueiriños in Muíños. At the time the Xunta acquired the soil of the town and restored some of the buildings. A performance that, according to the Regional Minister, "we accept that it is not yet another year to be able to continue working for the purpose of obtaining or returning for value that pope directly linked to natural space".