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City Council of Melgaço (EN)

City Council of Melgaço (EN)

Melgaço, the northernmost municipality of Portugal, is proud of its natural, cultural and landscape heritage, integrated into the wonderful Peneda-Gerês National Park.

The quality of the natural resources provides the visitor with an intimate contact with nature, through the countless leisure activities, such as Canoeing, Rafting, Rappel / Slide, Canyoning, BTT, Arborismo and Pedestrian / Equestrian Walks.

Counting on a rich and tasty gastronomy, the City Council of Melgaço is also known for the excellence of the Albariño wine that eiqui is produced.

The Miño River and its fisheries, the mountains, the historical villages, will make your visit to Melgaço unforgettable! DISCOVER MELGAÇO, THE DESTINY OF THE MOST DEEP NATURE OF PORTUGAL

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