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Each of the zoning units contemplated in the Reserve and delimited in terms of the territorial expression of the components of biodiversity and human activities correspond to a specific management and management regime, which responds accordingly to the different conservation and conservation needs. management and to different degrees of use of the natural resources of the Reserve. The Core Zone covers a total of 34,434.31 ha. Of the total area of ​​the proposed Biosphere Reserve, which is 13% of it, with very high levels of protection. The configuration of these zones, and consequently their biodiversity, is linked to the maintenance of traditional models of use of natural resources that have a high degree of compatibility with the maintenance of the components, the structure and the functioning of the ecosystems..

The buffer zone includes the area of ​​the Biosphere Reserve, where traditional land uses and environmental tourism are considered perfectly compatible with the conservation of natural values ​​in the case of territories with a high conservation value, with a significant portion of habitats.

In the Transition zone of the Reserve, most of the population centers are located. It corresponds to a heavily populated area, where most of the services are located. To a certain extent, it can be affirmed that environmental, socio-cultural, and economic characteristics confer on the transition zone favorable conditions and potential for the promotion of an adequate policy of sustainable development, and favoring both local populations and conservation. and revaluation of nature and biodiversity.