Valores culturais
Cultural Values

Cultural Values

In the new conception, which is gaining ground every day in terms of the general objectives to be achieved in any protected natural space, sustainability is considered today a basic objective to be taken into account in any planning to be developed in the face of the old idea that prevailed during a large part of the twentieth century to convert these areas into authentic natural sanctuaries.

That is why the approach to the socioeconomic reality of the territory, its analysis and evolution expected in time, coupled with the knowledge of the natural and heritage values ​​of the territory, should mark the trends in the planning of space and the subsequent execution of projects , contemplated not only individually but globally, under the premise that any action of conservation and defense of nature in these areas must be complemented with the implementation of actions to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants, helping to fix the population, the search for new alternatives, the conservation of historical rural centers, the defense and conservation of the historic-artistic and genetic heritage, the preservation of the landscape and biodiversity resulting from the action of man on these ecosystems, or the elevation of the degree of self-esteem and the awareness of the local population for the defense of their natural and cultural heritage, among many others.

The Cultural Heritage is an exponent, testimony and depository of the collective memory of each town. Its social function far exceeds the scientific interest to become a point of reflection on our behavior in the past, insofar as it constitutes the legacy or material support of attitudes of the various historical communities that populated a territory, which we inherited: our way of think, our current knowledge, our relationships with the environment that surrounds us are the result of the combination of the behaviors of the various stages that preceded us.

In Galicia, through Law 8/1985, of October 30, it is exposed that the Cultural Heritage, result of the specific cultural evolution of Galicia, needs to be protected and conserved under the protection of the Cultural Heritage Lei of Galicia. The territory that is intended to be declared a Biosphere Reserve is a space for ancient human occupation, today a hallmark of a cultural and natural past in danger of extinction.

In the Biosphere Reserve, you can consider the richness of an extensive cultural heritage, a true reflection of our ancestors, in many buildings that still exist today, and in many others that have been disappearing throughout history, leaving behind their legacy immaterial.