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With large open spaces, oblivious to the human hustle and bustle, Gerês-Xurés shares many resources from before the existence of a border that today is barely a line on the maps: thermalism, which can be enjoyed in Lobios, Gerês or Melgaço; the presence of a singular biodiversity that extends even to the area of ​​the most common animals, such as the cow, with races such as La Cachena, or the pig, Bísaro or Celta, depending on which side of the border it is named; with natural resources such as honey, mountain gastronomy, sausages, cheeses ... The purpose of this guide is to integrate the agri-food, tourism and handicraft resources of the transboundary biosphere reserve into a single document, as part of an inventory within the Gerês-Xurés Dinámico project, co-financed by 75 percent by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).