Natural Values
Natural Values

Natural Values

The Gerês-Xurés Transboundary Biosphere Reserve (RBTGX) was declared on May 27, 2009, by UNESCO, and is located in the Autonomous Community of Galicia (Spain) and the North Region (Portugal). With an area of ​​267,958 ha, of protected territory in two natural spaces divided by borders, but united by the characteristics of nature and culture. With a dense hydrographic network, ecosystems in a good state of conservation, fauna and flora species of exceptional interest for the conservation of nature and biosdiversity, the Geres Xurés Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve constitutes in many aspects the differences that enrich our natural heritage and cultural, a unique reality that requires permanent collaboration in defense and revaluation.

The different orientations of the relay, the sudden variations in altitude, and the influence of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and continental climates, give rise to a great diversity of microclimates in the RBTGX. These, associated with the essentially granite constitution of the soil, create particular characteristics, originating very special botanical aspects, which give it a place of preference in relation to the Iberian flora. In this region you can find species of flora that vary from those that are characteristic of Mediterranean and subtropical areas, to those that predominate in Euro-Siberian and alpine areas. as well as endemic species such as the Lirio do Xurés (Iris Boissieri), the timelea (Tymelea broterana) or the armeria (Armeria humillis Subs. Humillis).

The diversity of habitats, the varied flora, and the unique physiography of the RBTGX allow to gather in this territory favorable conditions for the maintenance of a great diversity of fauna. (Wolf, roe deer, bats, marten, vipers, garrano,).

In the territory, 147 species of birds are identified, many of which are migratory. They stand out, for their conservation status, or for their small area of ​​distribution in the Iberian Peninsula, the Golden Eagle, the red-billed Chough, the Golden Owl, and the honey buzzard..

The territory defined by the Gerês-Xurés Transboundary Biosphere Reserve, particularly in the areas that form the two protected areas, is distinguished by the high value of its natural heritage, and by the existence of natural habitats that are not very fragmented, essentially comprising Sierra Gerês / Xurés, and integrate the core area of ​​the RBTGX.

In Portugal, the territory delimited by the National Park of Peneda - Gerês (PNPG), integrates the SIC Serras da Peneda e Gerês, PTCON 0001, created under the Habitats Directive, relating to the conservation of natural habitats of wild flora and fauna -As well as the Special Protecção zone (ZPE) of the Sierra do Gerês, protected by the Birds Directive, related to the conservation of bird species. It also includes the Matas de Palheiros-Albergaria Biogenetic Reserve, PT 930003, included in the Biogenetic Reserves Network of the Council of Europe. It also integrates, since 2008, the PAN Parks network, which includes the best natural areas in Europe.

In Spain, the territory delimited by the Baixa Limia - Serra do Xures Natural Park is part of the Baixa Limia Site of Community Importance (ES1130001), approved by the Commission Decision of December 7, 2004 by which it is adopted, In accordance with Council DC92 / 43 / EEC, the list of Places of Community Importance of the Atlantic Biogeographic Region (Official Journal of the European Union, 29.12.2004: L 387/1) and Commission Decision of 19 July 2006 , which adopts the list of Sites of Community Importance of the Mediterranean Biogeographical Region (Official Journal of the European Union, 21.09.2006: L 259/1). This space also has, according to the DC 79/409 / CEE, the declaration of Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA), with the name Baixa Limia - Serra do Xurés (ES0000376), a figure that is also a member of the Network Natura 2000.